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Sports Marketing

There are more than seven billion stories in this world. Every single one, on its own hero’s journey.  And sport is at the heart of it all.

We partner brands with sport clubs and players, uniting their stories for maximum impact. Because we believe that when stories collide and dance and play, that’s when they become remarkable.

Our long-term sponsorship opportunities create real and relatable journeys, bringing people closer to their sporting hero’s and to the brands that they endorse.

Sport is an empowering voice. Here at TMA, we are proud to develop and deliver compelling, relatable stories that hit home and inspire positive action.


Meet our Director of Sport

As Chairman and Head of Football for a global sports management business, Stuart brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts to TMAI’s sports marketing division.

Stuart always has a personal approach and puts client at the heart of every campaign, bringing more than 30 years of commercial and sporting board room experience.

Full-Service Marketing

The art of marketing is just like you and me. 

It wants attention, it wants to be listened to, it wants to be loved.

It travels through digital developments, societal changes and the constant battle to get noticed. Reinventing itself to keep up with world demands.

In looking to stand out is it really just trying to fit in?

Gen Z, now owning their individuality, are looking to companies that support their collective ideals. Brands that care about the future, for the planet and for the people.

At TMA we discover and develop the stories within your brand that matter the most in this moment.

  • Experiential Events & Activations
  • Integrated Marketing & Solutions
  • Digital & OOH Campaigns
  • Campaign & Event Concept Creation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Product & Brand Launches

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Personal Concierge

Musical Hospitality & Sports Tickets

Unique Experiences

Worldwide Luxury

What do we mean by Personal Concierge?

We make memories real. Alongside booking luxury travel and unique experiences worldwide, TMA specialise in creating and leading some of the most respected gaming and mind sports events for global brands, sponsors as well as smaller businesses.

With over 20 years’ experience we have the facility to organise any hospitality or event package. We invest in you and your clients with a company goal to defy expectations, always.

Choose from our full range of event planning and management services.

Monthly Events Brochure

Every month we create a brochure with upcoming events and ideas which cover key events within these sectors: unique experiences , worldwide luxury, sporting tickets, weekend breaks and shows and  musical hospitality.

Your next event idea is only an email away:

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Our Purpose


The TMA team is driven by purpose before profit. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity, tools and advice to reach their full potential.

That’s why, our Not-For-Profit, MyNeedToLive, supports young people aged 18-25 throughout their journey in education.

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