We are TMA International, a purpose-led sports marketing agency.
We connect global brands with sport associations, clubs and elite athletes, cultivating partnerships and delivering campaigns that make a positive impact.

Sport is an empowering voice. Here at TMA, we are proud to develop and deliver compelling, relatable narratives via digital and live marketing avenues, that hit home and inspire positive action. With over 25 years of experience and a vast brand and sport database, we are driven to build a better future through the work that we do.

Proactive around the world and acting as consultants and marketing partners to some of the best and most well-known organisations in the industry, TMA International applies innovation and purpose to breed success for its clients and partners. Our clients trust us for our communication, integrity and delivery.

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if you want your marketing to make a positive impact

if you are a brand looking for a purpose-led sport partnership

if you are a sport organisation or athlete wanting to build your digital profile

if you are a sport professional looking to maximise your income

if you want community-led or fan-based marketing solutions

For Sponsors

Sponsorship is more than brand recognition. It is more than simply reaching and engaging with a wider audience, more even than a means of increasing product leads and sales. Sponsorship has the power to make a positive impact, on communities, on the environment, on the health and mental wellbeing of countless people. If you feel strongly about making a positive impact via remarkable brand experiences, contact the TMA Team.

For Sport Organisations

TMA can help you recognise and expand your value, to attract global sponsorship. We connect your club or organisation to brands from a variety of verticals and can ensure you maximise any potential with current partners whilst reaching out for new opportunities. Aligning with your values, programmes and partnerships are built on fan-based experiences that make a positive impact on your supporters and the community.

For Athletes

Understanding your value is key. We work with you to amplify your digital presence, building a strong personal brand based on what is most important you. We can advertise you to our vast database of brands to gain new opportunities for revenue generation and help you tell your story in the most compelling way, whether you want to attract new sponsorship, increase your followers or explore alternative means to a financially secure future.


We are proud to work with some of the most established sport organisations and brands, including;

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