About Us

We are TMA International, a purpose-led sports marketing agency.
We connect global brands with sport associations, clubs and elite athletes, cultivating partnerships and delivering campaigns that make a positive impact.


There are more than seven billion stories in this world. Every single one, on its own hero’s journey. And sport is at the heart of it all.

Sport unites communities. It provides opportunities for health and mental wellbeing. It bridges cultures and has the power to motivate change.

At TMA, we are proud to work in the sport industry.

With over 25 years’ experience in brand and marketing, we asked ourselves, “how can we take what we know and adopt it to make a positive impact in this world?”

Now we partner brands with sport clubs, organisations and athletes, uniting their stories for maximum positive impact. Because we believe it’s when our stories collide and dance and play, that’s when they become remarkable.

We work with our clients to create real and relatable journeys, bringing people closer to their sporting heroes, to the brands that they promote, and unite them in a common, purpose-led goal that inspires positive action.


We believe in young adults, so we created MyNeedToLive CIC to give young adults a platform and a community where every opinion counts. We provide real-life sporting role models who can inspire, encourage and build their confidence, through writing, videos and podcasts.

We believe that when people collaborate and share ideas it makes the world a better place.

With support, young adults can further develop the needed skills for their chosen sporting career with our free digital credentials, and each new achievement builds momentum, creating even stronger aspirations, to continue their journey of development. By sharing stories in our digital community, they also encourage each other in reaching their goals and these dialogues inspire real and positive change.

Through MyNeedToLive CIC we invest those profits into 7 key areas; education, finance, wellbeing, lifestyle, entertainment, career, and enterprise.

We believe that organisations need to provide real value to their customers and teams, investing in the individual, taking the time to help, improve and teach.

The world is changing, and the future of business must adapt to a new way of thinking, understanding what they want to achieve, what value they deliver to others and why this is needed.

The PurposeBeforeProfit badge represents:

  • Our business is led by a mission to give young adults the best opportunities, support, and guidance to help build their future.
  • Our business invests all its profits towards their mission.
  • Our business promotes purpose, transparency, and diversity.

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