Sport Sponsorship

We align brands with sport organisations, clubs and athletes to create meaningful partnerships of value to both parties. We listen, we research, and we support matched rights holders in developing their value, ensuring sustainable relationships and maximum sponsorship ROI.

Campaign Activation

Delivering innovative and purpose-led programmes to further increase your revenue, exposure and individual goals, we can design and manage campaigns that are on brand and connected. Our talent pool offers additional value prospects to leverage and maximise on your message or sales.

Social Media Management

Our combined experience in brand and marketing strategy, content creation, and campaign management means that whatever your target, we are able to offer training and guidance to increase followers, reach a wider audience, build engagement and drive sales.

Digital Marketing

We understand digital; how to strengthen your profile, reinforce your message and expand your audience. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, save time in reaching and engaging with your target audience. We will build your digital profile across a number of platforms, strategize, create and deliver your campaigns.

Brand Strategy

Your brand represents all that you are, all that you stand for and importantly, how others see and engage with you. It is an integral part of any organisation, club or athlete wanting to attract and inspire supporters or partnerships. From competitor research and brand positioning to messaging and visual design, we work with you to build your brand in line with your values and goals.

Digital Asset Creation

Our experienced team includes visual designers, copywriters, website developers and a videographer. We can create outstanding content and assets to support your campaigns. With a great variety of resources available to us, we will ensure your digital vision comes to life, backed with the guidance of how to maximise on your ambition.


Full Service Marketing

The art of marketing is just like you and me. It wants attention, it wants to be listened to, it wants to be loved. It travels through digital developments, societal changes and the constant battle to get noticed. Reinventing itself to keep up with world demands. In looking to stand out is it really just trying to fit in? At TMA we discover and develop the stories within your brand that matter the most in this moment.

Event Management

TMA International it is well-established in offering a full range of event planning and management services. We specialise in creating and leading some of the most respected gaming and mind sports events for global brands, sponsors as well as smaller businesses.

Personal Concierge

We make memories real. Alongside booking luxury travel and unique experiences worldwide, TMA specialise in creating and leading some of the most respected gaming and mind sports events for global brands, sponsors as well as smaller businesses. With over 20 years’ experience we have the facility to organise any hospitality or event package. We invest in you and your clients with a company goal to defy expectations, always.

To make a difference, you have to think differently