Sports Sponsorship

With our vast brand and player databases, we create meaningful connections which benefit both parties. We create the perfect partnership between suitable brands and players to ensure the relationship will last and result in maximum revenue and exposure. Our personable approach with the players means we are confident they will produce quality content to promote products to a large audience across various social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing

We understand social media, and we know how to maximize your social media marketing campaigns to hit your targets. Trust us to have the knowledge of the most current, relevant trends and topics to save you time in reaching the widest range of targeted consumers.

Campaign Activation

We endeavour to make the most of your connections, coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to further increase revenue and opportunities.

Social Media Management

Our knowledge and experience in social media management means we are fully equipped to fulfil your social media needs, whether that be with content ideas, branding, increasing followers or any other advice and guidance you need. We are able to deliver this across any, or all, social media platforms.

Brand Strategy

Dependant on your goals, we will work with you to create efficient strategies enabling you to achieve these. Our team will speak and liaise with you directly until all parties are satisfied with the resulting strategy. We will work closely alongside you, monitoring the progress and being certain that you are progressing effectively.

Digital Asset Creation

Our expert team can create any assets required to market you or your brand. We are able to achieve outstanding visuals, videos, audios or anything else you require made with a purpose fit to the appropriate social media platform. With a great variety of resources available to us, we will ensure your digital vision comes to life.


Full Service Marketing

The art of marketing is just like you and me. It wants attention, it wants to be listened to, it wants to be loved. It travels through digital developments, societal changes and the constant battle to get noticed. Reinventing itself to keep up with world demands.In looking to stand out is it really just trying to fit in? At TMA we discover and develop the stories within your brand that matter the most in this moment.

Event Management

TMA International it is well-established in offering a full range of event planning and management services. We specialise in creating and leading some of the most respected gaming and mind sports events for global brands, sponsors as well as smaller businesses.

Personal Concierge

We make memories real. Alongside booking luxury travel and unique experiences worldwide, TMA specialise in creating and leading some of the most respected gaming and mind sports events for global brands, sponsors as well as smaller businesses. With over 20 years’ experience we have the facility to organise any hospitality or event package. We invest in you and your clients with a company goal to defy expectations, always.