From small private events to large corporate conventions, from business retreats to luxury world tours, the events needs of business and individuals knows no bounds.

Global event and travel planning takes a huge amount of time, work and expertise to bring together all the elements needed to make these kinds of events truly special.

In recent years individuals and businesses have started looking to third party concierge services to create hospitality experiences which are fun, luxurious, and have a big impact on all who experience them.

So what exactly is a concierge service, and how does it work?


What does a concierge service provider do?

Traditionally a concierge worked in a hotel and was the person guests could go to to get trusted advice on where to dine, recommendations of local attractions to see and the inside scoop on must-go events to attend.

The job of a concierge is to listen to people and help them make an informed and inspired decision based on their needs and preferences. A great concierge thrives on solving problems for clients and curating memorable experiences, and the job’s all about going the extra mile to exceed people’s expectations.

In recent years concierge services have gone mainstream, largely thanks to the internet and the incredible diversity of today’s business scene. And so personal and business concierge services have become increasingly available for the many. 

A concierge service will give you personalised advice because they are people who are in the know. They have big networks and know how to get things done. They know about the big tourist attractions and off-the-beaten-track experiences that offer a more authentic taste of global destinations. This is a service no search engine can replace.


What is an event concierge?

An event concierge is an organisation that has built up extensive links with industry vendors and suppliers that make it possible to create exceptional events for any business sector. 

The best concierge services deliver highly personalised hospitality solutions, take a flexible approach to event planning, and delight in providing the best customer service possible.

They can solve all your event problems, and get a kick from doing so.

Whether you need help designing, planning or hosting a variety of different functions or gatherings, a quality concierge service can help you achieve it.


Who needs a concierge service?

A concierge service can be there to enable busy professionals to squeeze more out of their day, or to help a business create lasting relationships that offer value to staff and customers.

A concierge service has the networks and contacts to make things happen. So if you want a VIP hospitality experience, you can rest easy that you are in expert hands.

Concierge services have grown in popularity over the years as more and more people and businesses come to see the value in working with experienced agencies to make things happen in their industry.

There are many, many ways a concierge service can be useful, including;

  Making travel recommendations

Curating travel itineraries and making reservations at exclusive venues

 Booking hotels, trains and cruises of a lifetime 

Offering bespoke personal or professional VIP hospitality experiences

Business often have need for events concierge services for everything from searching for conference venues to organising catering for corporate guests.


What does TMA International offer? 

A concierge service like TMA International pulls out all the stops to deliver luxury hospitality events to remember. We take care of everything, from sending out event invitations to decorating venues to suit a client’s needs.

Many companies have flagship annual events which are crucial to their industry reputation and for building business relationships and networks. They might want to hire a concierge like TMA International to take this huge task off their hands and deliver something that is special and makes a big impact. 

And with TMA they’re in experienced hands. We have over 20 years experience in delivering standout events and hospitality packages for a diverse range of personal and business clients. 

Like all the best concierges, we’re here to solve all your hospitality needs, whether that’s designing the holiday of a lifetime, or putting on a game changing industry event.

We’ve organised exceptional events packages from Monster Truck jams to Drake concerts and massive gaming Grand Prixs. 

We create, manage and market your events, and provide a responsive and creative event consultancy service. We can plan and run casino tournaments in exciting global venues including Las Vegas, and can even arrange for these to be filmed for promotional purposes (this is not easy to do).

Our yearly Las Vegas packages offer everything from private gambling tournaments to parties at exclusive nightclubs, memorable activities and restaurant experiences. 

We are able to offer all this because of our extensive partners and networks across the globe. 

Part of what makes us unique is that we that we also deliver events in the online sphere. This includes our Mindsports Academy for chess, word game and Go enthusiasts, as well as our Mindsports Education program, helping people sharpen their mental game in a fun and nurturing atmosphere.

We send out hiqh quality brochures to our clients each month, which you can check-out on our website. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we deliver.

We can really deliver anything you desire and we work with you to set out a budget, discover your requirements and deliver as many options as you want. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more?