In an Instagram post that showed elite distance swimmer, Sharon van Rouwendaal, using an inflatable pool and resistance machine to train in lockdown, the Dutch Olympic Gold medallist summed up a way of thinking that, without exception, everyone can benefit from right now.

“There’s always a solution, you just have to be creative.”

Known for her versatility in the water, Sharon’s lockdown training solution is motivation for us all; that no matter what challenges we face or what tools we lack, when you think creatively and allow yourself or your business the flexibility to adapt, that’s how you stay ahead of the game.

And Sharon’s not the only water-sport athlete training innovatively for the Tokyo Olympics this year (postponed from 2020 due to the pandemic).

Hungarian canoeist Eda Zsofia Szabo has been exercising her sport from the comfort of her apartment in Szigethalom, by paddling balanced on dining room chairs and a book, in order to strengthen her core and practise her arm movements ready for when she’s able to go back out and canoe in the open.

And how do you swim without water?

Triathlete Lasse Lührs has been training by using a plank set up between beer crates and a deckchair. Coupled with resistant bands on his arms, enabling him to work the muscles similarly to as he would swimming through water, performing ‘dry-swimming’ until restrictions are lifted will mean that when venues reopen, he will not be starting from scratch again after a long break from training.

From global brands to boutique businesses, sport associations, clubs and athletes, lockdown has posed innumerable challenges.

But with creative thinking, there are actions we can take now which will pay off when life returns to ‘business as new-normal’.

In fact, one man said it best, even before the Spanish Flu pandemic of the 1900’s.

Quote from Charles Darwin

As a company, our pandemic experience has honestly been a rollercoaster. We have, at times, felt extreme stress and frustration, we have supported each other through some tough emotions and worked tirelessly to continue to find creative ways forward.

We have possibly grown stronger this year, as a team and as an agency, because of the restrictions and challenges set upon us. We have also learned an awful lot and continue to learn and grow.

This post is as much to inspire positivity and possibilities as it is to thank those who have supported our growth. For every person who has been open to a conversation, who provides feedback and advice when we explore new ideas and of course to our clients who are on the journey with us.

Who needs water? Let’s go swimming.