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These are difficult times, which means rewarding your players and running promotions is more challenging than ever. We have plenty of innovative ideas to help motivate your players at home and navigate the unique times in which we are working.

While people cannot travel in the short and medium term, demand will build, and forward planning holidays will become very appealing to players. We have crafted several creative ideas to capture people’s imagination.

Your feedback is welcome, so get in touch to discuss how we can continue to bring
you inspiring, unique and rewarding experiences for your players.

Gift Promotions

We have a proven track record of successful gift and car promotions for Bingo and casino. But did you know these offers can be easily transferred to poker using bad beat jackpots and tournament prizes?
Given the current environment, people’s aspiration to have something tangible and of value is very appealing. If promotions are structured correctly, your numbers are still achievable – and we can design campaigns which amplify loyalty.

We purchase and deliver all prizes, and have extensively researched rewards like houses, caravans, camper vans and holiday homes which are prizes proven to mobilise players. Adding £1 to each tournament entry (fixed or optional) with all players entered into a weekly or monthly draw for a prize of your choice, or running limited entry, prize only tournaments are also excellent ways to capture winners’ attention.

With the right budget we can attract players at home with bundled items like gadgets and services which could be set by you or chosen by them. Or you could consider offering a membership to a chosen activity like fitness clubs, spas or theaters which they can reclaim later in the year.

Make Over

Who doesn’t enjoy being pampered? We can arrange for a luxury makeover bundle for players to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. This package offers everything needed to spruce up, indulge and relax. Branded make up, styling products, hairdryer and nail studios along with everything needed for a top to toe makeover can be included – meaning your player can indulge from the comfort of their own home. Set your budget and we can plan a selection of options.

Alternatively, we can create the ultimate luxury pamper package with a stylist and personal shopper visiting your winner and friends to share at home. Your player can win now, and arrange appointments for later in the year.

Personal makeovers have the feelgood factor, but how about a home transformation? We can arrange for winners’ homes to be revamped, refitted and redecorated, which is brilliant for players and could be a social media winner for you.

Premiere League

Over the last 14 months our Premier League promotions have been hugely successful. These sought after campaigns mean players could win two hospitality tickets to a Premier League game set to a budget of your choosing – with all the associated extras.

We can create golden ticket events for your players which they can redeem into 2021. While a budget of £1000 may rule out top fixtures, in our experience, players really enjoy this promotion. Our flexible packages mean you can add an overnight stay for games which fall inside your budget.

Weekend Breaks

Weekend getaways are among the fastest growing VIP offers and promotions we run. All your winner’s requests are managed by us, and we book the weekend they want, where they want, when they want. This means you can run a VIP offer for weekend breaks at a fixed value and include two nights a meal and a show.

You set a budget and run a promotion which winners can redeem at any time, meaning players can look forward to taking partners or friends away for a break anywhere in Europe.

The higher the value, the more we can offer but it is always good to bear in mind flight and transfer costs in Europe. Promotion packages range from £600 to 1000, with European events from just £1200 to £2000 for two people.

Group Sporting Activities

Whether it’s football, boxing or a music event, we can book a VIP box, source top hotels and hospitality – even offer your group a weekend host if required. These packages are extremely cost effective as you can entertain many players at once, which maximises your budget and taps into player communities.

These types of promotions are very popular with VIPs and VIP managers, and superb for groups like poker and bingo players. Loyalty runs very high among these players and as they get involved and anticipate their prizes, the fun is shared. Think of it as like the old
poker tour set up, but lower costs and more loyalty.

Your Personal Concierge

With new UK legislation coming into force soon it is important your promotions and offers are organised and handled with the utmost care.
We are experts in sourcing exclusive prizes for VIPs, for all levels of players and have delivered successful events across more than 20 countries in the past year, including trips to Dubai, New York and Monte Carlo, Sandown Vienna and London.

Personal Concierge is a specialist service and we have the expertise and experience to tailor VIP packages, trips and events to suit your budget. During trips we personally manage all VIPs’ needs directly and ensure every aspect of their experience, including flights, hotel transfers and hospitality are second to none. We work with you to ensure your VIP or VIP group budget is maximised and take care of
your winners every step of the way.