The world is changing. But then it always has.

People are now considering their professional role in society and a recent study by Slater and Gordon showed that nearly half – 41% – are considering quitting their jobs for more fulfilling, purposeful work even when the worst of COVID-19 is over.

As a society, the sudden shift in rules and approved behaviours has led us to question what is important to us and above all, community and connection are highlighted as priorities.

People want change. And marketing needs to adapt.

People are coming together as one voice to move towards a world where purpose comes before profit. A world in which their 9-5 supports the community, is a benefit to individual lives and serves the environment.

It is no longer spoken that we need to make these improvements “for the next generation”. We need to make these changes now.

So, in this uncertain era of lockdown and beyond, of potential recession and a massive shift in consumer behaviour, how can a brand survive?

Gen Z were already seeking out companies with values in harmony with their own. Millennials get recognition for being the purpose-driven generation. But now the majority of the population are falling in sync with these ideals, and having been given a moment to pause, they now realise that actually these ideals are very possible.

Now is not a time to advertise. It is a time to inform, educate and inspire. Be a leading voice of the solution the world is so desperately seeking by adapting your marketing and sponsorship to becoming a part of the community.

Professional athletes and clubs deliver so many empowering stories of perseverance, grit, team work, facing challenges head on and overcoming obstacles to reach a common goal. And their fans, the community, are unwavering in their dedication and support.

These stories are still relevant right now even though live sporting events are postponed. Maybe even more so as the public relates strongly to the fundamentals of team work and perseverance. And the communities, the supporters, are still very much active, online.

There are many ways in which marketing can evolve to this new climate. Digital x Community should be at the forefront of any brand strategy, whether their goal is to connect locally, nationally or globally.

Your future will be inspired by great ideas. So, create a new journey, fit for a new world.

At TMA International, we believe in building long term relationships to deliver long term solutions for our clients. We believe in purpose before profit. And we believe that it is possible to build a better future, beneficial to everybody.

A good idea takes imagination. An outstanding idea takes a journey.

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