This article was going to be one of data. Statistics like the 70% increase in internet use(1) since lockdown or the more specific to our field, 47% rise in social media usage(2).

And these stats are real and relevant and well worth considered thought but at the heart of why any brand should be focused on sport social media sponsorship is the internal drive that our current climate has, and is, pushing to the forefront of people’s minds.

The importance of community and connection.

We have all had to make adjustments to our day to day lifestyle since lockdown and two of the outcomes that social distancing has highlighted among all people are, the very human need to connect with others and the resolve to work together as a community.

A sport community without live sport is still very much a community. Only now, they are eager for another way in which to show their support and allegiance for their club and their city.

They want to feel in touch with others, enthused and exhilarated by a hopefulness and loyalty that pre-lockdown came with each game.

Right now, they are online, following their club and its players, getting involved in social media campaigns and competitions, reminiscing to video footage of past game highlights and ever hopefully receiving news updates of when their sport may be making a return because they feel a part of the club. Because they are a part of the club.

Right now, is an opportunity for brands to give sport fans what they want. To lead the way in providing digital campaigns that enable togetherness, allegiance, and community.

There is a new story being written, locally and globally, and marketing must adapt to the social distancing narrative by putting a stronger emphasis on incorporating available technologies, and on employing them in creative ways that link brand stories seamlessly with that of the club, the players and the supporters.

Live streaming, live audio, drone footage and aerial view imagery to name a few, open doors to inventive and interactive cross-marketing campaigns. Social media provides the community.

Here at TMA International, we add value to businesses by connecting their brand to sport clubs and athletes to maximise the impact of their marketing.

We use technology creatively and storytelling purposefully, to interlink companies and communities, building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Because the sport community without live sport is an impassioned community, ready and eager and
it is the businesses who prepare now that will prosper now and post-pandemic.

Contact us to find out how together, we can deliver real value to the sport community and brand sponsors.


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(2) GlobalWebIndex Coronavirus Multi Market Study (wave 2, April 2020)